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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

At MLA, we believe that all children should be exposed to music at an early age.  Starting with Pre-K, we meet once a week to learn about different instruments, experiment with them, sing our favorite songs and move to the music!  We perform twice a year for our parents at Fine Arts Night and at Graduation.  This year we will made modification to make music safe in the time of COVID and will not be singing in person or sharing instruments.
In previous years, all students are taught how to play as instrument starting in second grade.  Options have included the Irish penny whistle, the Appalachian strum stick, and the ukulele.  We also do a drumming unit each year! As students mature, Senora Jen gives them more choice regarding the songs to sing, which instruments to play, and the orchestration of the songs.  Our MLA students helped to create the sister school exchange program with the Playing for Change program.  We have worked with schools in Nepal and Argentina and look forward to our next musical adventure, wherever that may be!
Multicultural Music is a lively, hands-on class that is also a lot of fun.  Together, we celebrate diversity of religions and ethnicity while enjoying music!  Parents are encouraged to bring their musical and linguistic talents to class or to be involved in practice, studio recording, etc. 


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